17 April 2014

First Four F-16C Regeneration will be Delivered to Indonesia in July 2014

17 April 2014

F-16C ex USAF (photo : Christopher Ebdon)

Indonesia’s Air Force Chief of Staff visits Hill

April 4-5, Air Chief Marshal Ida Bagus Putu Dunia visited Hill Air Force Base to receive a program status briefing from the F-16 International Branch and a Depot Production Line status briefing from 573rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

Putu Dunia was able to tour the F-16 production line where 13 Indonesia F-16C and D models are currently in various stages of repair and upgrade.

He expressed his appreciation to the men and women in the U.S. Air Force and especially those actively working the regeneration program. The aircraft were recently shipped to the depot from long-term storage at the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis Monthan AFB, Ariz.

During his visit, Putu Dunia observed the enormous quantity of work being accomplished to complete new cockpit wiring, Falcon Star structural modifications, bulkhead inspections and repairs, and avionics upgrades.

He also met with senior officials from the F-16 System Program Office and Ogden Air Logistics Complex.

Team Hill’s leadership assured Putu Dunia of the commitment to the program to deliver high-quality aircraft to the government of Indonesia.

The first F-16 Indonesia C model aircraft is expected to begin ground and flight tests April 14-18 to enable the first ferry cell flight of four aircraft to Indonesia in July 2014. This is a major milestone in the program.

(Hill Top Times)

Malaysia Interested in the Russian Missile Systems Club-K and Club-M

17 April 2014

Club M, long-range supersonic anti-ship missiles complex, range over 300 km (image : Konstern Agat)

KUALA LUMPUR/Malaysia /ITAR-TASS/. Malaysia and Brunei keen interest in the Russian missile systems "Club", Maria Vorobyov spokesman of  "Kontsern-Morinformsystem-Agat" (manufacturer of these missile complexes) reported to ITAR-TASS  at international arms forum "DSA-2014".

"Negotiations with the Chief of the Armed Forces of Malaysia Mohd Zulkifli Bin Zine and Commander of the Navy of the country Abdul Aziz bin Jaafar. We discussed the possibility of delivery in Malaysia complexes "Club-K" for the Army and the "Club-M" for the defense of the coastline" - she said.

Negotiations, added spokesman, held with the participation of technical experts and representatives of Rosoboronexport concern, in one of the rounds brother attended the King of Malaysia Tunku Annuar. "He was also demonstrated the capabilities of our systems in terms of tactical goals to protect the coastline and strengthen the defense of the state as a whole", - said Vorobyov.


In turn, the Chief of Naval Forces, invited the delegation of Brunei "Morinformsystem-Agat" to visit the country for a full-fledged presentation missiles and negotiations on cooperation, continued the spokesman.

"First Admiral Abdul Halim visited the stand of our group was interested in our products," - she said. According to her, of particular interest to senior military showed onshore "Club-M".

(Itar Tass)

Philippines Navy Asking for 3rd Warship from US

17 April 2014

Philipine Navy estimated that it needs at least 6 ships to patrol the country's long coastline. (photo : Manila Bulletin)

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines is pursuing its request for a 3rd Hamilton Class cutter from the United States, Navy chief Vice Admiral Jose Luis Alano told Rappler.

“As far as we are now looking at it, there will be a positive action for getting a 3rd Del Pilar frigate as we now call the Hamilton Class cutters,” said Alano on Monday, April 14.

Decommissioned US Coast Guard ship BRP Gregorio Del Pilar and its twin ship BRP Ramon Alcaraz are currently the Philippine Navy’s most capable warships. Both have been deployed to the patrol the West Philippines Sea (South China Sea).

The Philippines acquired them from the US in 2012 and 2013, respectively, through the Excess Defense Articles program. The Philippines only had to pay for the refurbishment of the decommissioned ships.

The plan to acquire a 3rd cutter was previously scrapped.

The Philipine military earlier estimated that it needs at least 6 ships to patrol the country's long coastline. Alano said the number is constantly being evaluated. He also cited existing cooperation agreement with the navies of neighboring ASEAN countries.

Bidding for 2 brand new frigates worth P18 billion (US$400 million) is also ongoing.

PH wish list

The Philippines and the US are finalizing a new military deal that will increase the presence of American troops in the Philippines and give them wider access to military bases.

This comes at a time when the Philippines is locked in a bitter maritime dispute with China over the West Philippine Sea.

The draft agreement has been submitted to MalacaƱang. Talk is rife that it will be signed during the visit of US President Barack Obama later this month, April 28-29.

Philippine Ambassador to US Jose Cuisia Jr said he is hopeful that the new agreement will also mean “we can get more equipment in the future.”

“The Armed Forces must decide what are the things they would like to get. I have not seen the wish list of the AFP,” said Cuisia.

The AFP is constantly evaluating its requests for assets. It was previously looking at F-16 fighter jets from the US but changed its mind because of maintenance costs.

“You recall we were looking at F-16s before. The AFP decided not to. Why? Because the maintenance costs are very high,” Cuisia said.

The military instead opted to acquire for P18.9 billion a squadron of FA-50 lead in fighter jets from South Korea’s Korea Aerospace Industry (KAI).

The Philippines and KAI signed the contract last month, March 28. It has been almost a decade since the Philippine Air Force retired the last of its US-designed F-5 fighters in 2005.

The FA-50 has minimum fighter capabilities. Its design is derived largely from the F-16 meaning it won’t be a problem if the Philippines in the future gets the money to upgrade to the more expensive jet. 


Malaysian Navy Decision Omits UAV Capability

17 April 2014

The SGPV-LCS will not have an integral rotary wing UAV capability as originally planned (image : DCNS)

The Chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy, Admiral Tan Sri Aziz Jaafar, has confirmed that the RMN’s planned 6-ship Second Generation Patrol Vessel – Littoral Combat Ship (SGPV-LCS), will not have an integral rotary wing UAV capability as originally planned.

Speaking to Shephard, Admiral Tan Sri Aziz stated, ‘it is now low on our priority list for the capabilities of the ship and unlikely to be on the ship’. He declined to confirm as to whether the cost of such a capability would put it beyond the RM9 billion (USD2.77billion) ceiling price in the contract awarded to Boustead Naval Shipyards though he stated that Malaysian Armed Forces outlook on UAVs was that it was preferable that all three services look towards long range and long endurance fixed wing UAVs for their operational use.

Originally the plan called for all 6 of the 3,000t SGPV-LCS, which is based on the DCNS Gowind design to have the capability to operate a rotary wing UAV with each ship though only two of the ships at any one time would carry and operate UAVs on operations as it was felt that it would be too costly to outfit each ship with its own permanently assigned UAV. It is likely that the fact that the SGPV-LCS has an embarked helicopter capability made the forgoing of a UAV capability acceptable.

Planned construction of the SGPV-LCS is scheduled to begin later this year with the first ship to be delivered in 2017 and subsequent ships delivered every six months thereafter.


Empat Satuan Radar Baru akan Dibentuk di Wlayah Timur

17 April 2014

Satuan Radar baru akan dibangun Jayapura-Papua, di Sorong-Papua Barat, di Ambon-Maluku dan di Morotai-Maluku Utara (photo : Kosek 1-Kohanudnas)

Pertahanan wilayah udara Papua akan ditingkatkan

Timika (ANTARA News) - TNI AU terus berupaya meningkatkan pertahanan wilayah udara Indonesia terutama di Papua dari ancaman intimidasi oleh pesawat asing.

"Pada 2015, TNI AU akan membangun Satuan Radar di Jayapura untuk memperkuat pertahanan wilayah udara Indonesia di kawasan timur," kata Panglima Komando Sektor IV Pertahanan Udara Nasional, Marsekal Madya TNI Asnam Muhidir, kepada ANTARA, di Timika, Rabu.

Selain itu, TNI AU juga merencanakan pembangunan Satuan Radar di Sorong Papua Barat, Ambon Maluku dan Morotai Maluku Utara.

"Kalau semuanya sudah terpasang maka secara otomatis seluruh wilayah udara kita sudah bisa tercover. Khusus untuk pembangunan satuan radar di Jayapura, kita sudah melakukan pembebasan lahan, tinggal pemasangan radar," jelas Marsma Asnam Muhidir.

Saat ini TNI AU sudah memiliki satuan radar untuk mengawal wilayah pertahanan udara Indonesia kawasan timur yaitu satuan radar 242 Biak, satuan radar 243 Timika, satuan radar 244 Merauke dan satuan radar 245 Saumlaki Maluku Tenggara Barat.

Dengan telah terpasangnya sejumlah satuan radar di wilayah Indonesia timur itu, pelanggaran wilayah teritorial udara Indonesia oleh pesawat asing sampai saat ini nihil.

"Pesawat asing tidak berani lagi melanggar kedaulatan wilayah udara kita saat ini karena hampir semua wilayah udara kita sudah tertutup," ujar Marsma Asnam Muhidir.

Ia menambahkan, potensi pelanggaran wilayah udara Indonesia di Papua jika dilihat dari pergerakan pesawat yaitu dari wilayah utara dan selatan.

Dalam hal pengawasan wilayah udara nasional, jajaran Kosek IV Hanudnas juga bekerja sama dengan semua radar sipil yang terpasang di semua bandara baik yang ada di Jayapura, Timika hingga Ambon.

Menyangkut rencana penempatan sejumlah pesawat tempur di Papua, Marsma Asnam Muhidir mengatakan sejauh ini rencana tersebut belum terealisasi karena masih menunggu kesiapan armada pesawat tempur.

Dari sejumlah pangkalan udara yang ada di Papua, ke depan TNI AU akan menempatkan sejumlah pesawat tempurnya di Pangkalan Udara Utama Biak untuk memperkuat pertahanan wilayah udara Indonesia di kawasan timur Indonesia mengingat akses pendukungnya memadai.

Pada Rabu pagi, Pangkosek IV Hanudnas Marsma Asnam Muhidir memimpin serah terima jabatan Komandan Satuan Radar 243 Timika dari Letkol Lek Sudirman kepada Mayor Lek Danang Purwanto.

Marsma Asnam Muhidir meminta pejabat Komandan Satuan Radar 243 Timika yang baru agar dapat melanjutkan bahkan meningkatkan prestasi yang telah ditorehkan pejabat sebelumnya dalam pelaksanaan tugas pokok satuan dan tugas lainnya serta berkoordinasi dengan semua unsur terkait.


Selex to Support Malaysian Navy’s Super Lynx MK100 Helicopters

17 April 2014

Selex will supply spares and provide support for the Super Lynx's sensors (photo : Selex)

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has been awarded a contract by AIROD SDN BHD for the supply and support of equipment onboard the Royal Malaysian Navy's Super Lynx MK100 helicopters.

The contract was signed by AIROD CEO YBhg colonel Dato' Mohammed Selamat bin Bakin and Selex ES Asia regional director Barry Anstey at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) 2014 exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

Under the three-year agreement, Selex will supply spares and provide support for the MK100's sensors, specifically the Guardian 2500 electronic-support measures, the Seaspray 3600 surveillance radar and the multi-mission turret.

Barry Anstey said: "We are committed to deliver the Malaysian Navy our best expertise and are looking forward to further develop our relationship with the industry and the Government in Malaysia."

Powered by two Rolls-Royce Gem 42-1 turboshaft engines, the aircraft is fitted with a non-retractable tricycle-type landing gear and can carry a range of depth charges, including the Mark 11 and torpedoes such as the Mark 44, Mark 46, the A244S and the Stingray.

Additional features include 360° scan radar, and either the BAE Systems (now Selex S&AS) Seaspray Mark 3000 or the Telephonics RDR 1500, which are mounted in the chin fairing under the nose.

(Naval Technology)

16 April 2014

PT PAL Lakukan Keel Laying Modul ke-2 Kapal PKR-105

16 April 2014

Kapal PKR-105 adalah kapal perang berteknologi modular, kapal dibagi kedalam 6 modul yang dapat dikerjakan secara terpisah kemudian dirangkai menjadi satu (image : ARC)

Belanda Bantu PT PAL Produksi Kapal Perusak Rudal 

TEMPO.CO, Surabaya - PT PAL akan membuat beberapa modul kapal perusak kawal rudal 105 (PKR-105)/Frigate nomor 1. Kepala Staf TNI Angkatan Laut Laksamana Marsetio mengatakan proyek ini menggandeng Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS), Belanda. "Kami produksi bersama DSNS, Belanda, dalam kerangka transfer of techonolgy," kata Marsetio di sela-sela Keel Laying modul 2 seksi 231 PKR-105 di PT PAL (Persero), Rabu, 16 April 2014.

Peletakan lunas modul 2 seksi 231 merupakan tindak lanjut first steel cutting pada 15 Januari 2014. Kapal PKR-105 direncanakan memiliki panjang 105 meter dengan dilengkapi peluncur rudal antikapal permukaan, anti-serangan udara, torpedo, dan perangkat perang elektronik. Kapal ini akan dilengkapi helikopter yang membawa torpedo. Satu unit kapal PKR-105/Frigate ditaksir US$ 220 juta.

Menurut Marsetio, satu unit kapal PKR-105 memiliki enam modul. Empat modul dibuat di Surabaya dan dua modul dirakit di Vlisingen, Belanda. Pada Maret 2015, Marsetio berharap semua modul segera dirangkai menjadi unit kapal PKR-105 di galangan PT PAL. "Kapal ini digunakan menjaga keutuhan wilayah laut NKRI. Sangat cocok dengan perairan Indonesia," ujarnya.

Duta Besar Belanda untuk Indonesia, Tjeerd F. de Zwaan, mengatakan pemerintah Belanda mendukung penuh kerja sama alih teknologi dengan PT PAL (Persero). Menurut dia, Indonesia perlu melakukan revitalisasi industri strategis, salah satunya industri kapal perang.

Sebab, wilayah Indonesia dikenal sebagai negara kepulauan dengan garis pantai terpanjang kedua setelah Kanada. "Saya pikir, PT PAL butuh melakukan revitalisasi industri kunci," katanya.

Direktur Utama PT PAL Firmansyah Arifin menuturkan perseroan sudah mengirim 75 teknisi ke Belanda mengikuti program ToT. Langkah ini juga untuk memperkuat PT PAL yang ditunjuk sebagai lead integrator matra laut. "Bersama DSNS, kami siap menyelesaikan pembangunan kapal PKR-105/Frigate nomor 1 buatan Indonesia," kata Firmasyah.