21 Februari 2017

Russia will Supply Two "Gepard-3.9" Frigates to Vietnam in mid-2017

21 Februari 2017

A pair of Gepard 3.9 of the Vietnamese Navy (photo : sputnik)

ABU DHABI - RIA Novosti. Russia will supply two "Gepard-3.9" frigates to Vietnam  in mid-2017, he told RIA Novosti in the exhibition of arms IDEX-2017 CEO of the company-manufacturer data vehicles Zelenodolsk Shipyard Renat Mistahov.

"In mid-2017 we plan to complete all their trials and transfer to the customer." "The first couple in the framework of the contract we have set in 2011-2012, today we are ready to ship to the customer a couple more" Cheetahs, - he said.

Frigates "Gepard-3.9" are designed to handle air, underwater and surface adversary of surface and underwater situation, setting minefields, maintenance and protection of convoys, guarding and patrolling the state borders, the fight against smuggling, poaching and piracy, as well as assistance ships in distress, search and rescue people.

According to the Zelenodolsk Design Bureau, the frigates "Gepard-3.9" with a displacement of about 2.2 tons are equipped with modern missile and artillery, aircraft, anti-submarine weapons and radio, as well as mine and anti-weapons, means of external and internal ship communication, broadcast, visual monitoring and audio communications.

Previously CEO of the Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Plant named after AM Gorky Renat Mistahov reported that the third "Cheetah" will be sent to Vietnam in August, and the fourth - in September 2016. The first pair of frigates type "Gepard-3.9" was handed over to the Navy in Vietnam in 2011. The parties are currently discussing the construction Zelenodolsk third pair of ships of this type for the Vietnamese Navy.

(RIA Novosti)

Japan May Offer Military Trucks to ASEAN

21 Februari 2017

JGSDF military truck (photo : wiki)

TOKYO -- Japan, trying to enhance defense cooperation with Southeast Asia, wants to offer ASEAN nations second-hand transport vehicles from its Ground Self Defense Force.

The government plans to pass a bill during the current Diet session that would allow Japan to donate defense equipment to foreign partners.

Japan wants to talk with recipient countries -- such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia -- as early as this summer.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is a 10-member bloc.

The vehicles would likely be trucks and dump trucks that can handle rough terrain.

The government is also considering whether to send SDF troops to the recipient countries so they can train their ASEAN counterparts on handling the vehicles.

Japan had effectively banned arms exports, but in 2014 greatly relaxed the restriction by adopting three principles on the transfer of defense equipment and technology.

The relaxation did not cover donations of equipment -- something the government now wants to do.

China has long provided free secondhand military vehicles to ASEAN members in an apparent effort to increase its influence.


Bakker Sliedrecht Delivers Electrical Auxiliary Propulsion System for First of Two PKR Guided Missile Frigates Designated for the Indonesian Navy

21 Februari 2017

Damen Sigma PKR 10514 (photo : Damen)

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding has delivered the first of two Perusak Kawal Rudal (PKR) guided missile frigates designated for the Indonesian Navy. Bakker Sliedrecht was responsible for the electrical auxiliary propulsion system. The frequency drives of this propulsion system are directly connected to the power grid while complying with the EMC regulations.

Water-cooled frequency drives
Key components of the electrical auxiliary propulsion system are two electric propulsion motors and two water-cooled variable-frequency drives with active front ends. Both frequency drives are cooled by one water-cool unit to save weight, space and costs.

Installation process
After assembling the electrical drive systems in our workshop, the installations were delivered to Damen Shipyards were one of the ship segments was build. Damen installed the electrical propulsion system after which Bakker Sliedrecht conducted an installation check on the finished ship segmented. Then, the ship segment was shipped to Indonesia were all ship segments were connected to each other.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Control (EMC)
Each frequency drive is connected to the vessel’s power grid, without the use of a transformer, to save weight and space. Without certain measures, this direct (conductive) coupling can cause unwanted effects on sensitive operational equipment connected to the grid.

Bakker Sliedrecht created smart filter techniques to mitigate the disturbance levels in order to comply with the IEC- and Navy regulations. Prior to realization, model based simulations were used to prove this brand new design. A selective earth fault detection is also included in this design.

Sea trials
Bakker Sliedrecht participated in the sea trials that took place in Indonesian waters. During the sea trials, the electrical auxiliary propulsion system performed perfectly.

(Bakker Sliedrecht)

Russia Plans to Supply to Thailand Four Mi-17V5 in 2017

21 Februari 2017

Mi-17V5 of the Royal Thai Army (photo : thai defensenews)

ABU DHABI - RIA Novosti. Russia plans to supply to Thailand four military transport helicopter Mi-17V5, he told RIA Novosti on Sunday during the exhibition of arms IDEX-2017, Deputy General Director of "Rostec" Victor Kladov.

Thailand plans to use helicopters in eliminating the consequences of natural disasters and for the deployment of troops. According to the Thai military department, the helicopter has a very good performance, in addition, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain.

"The Thai side is extremely satisfied with the operation of Mi-17V5, and we have more applications for these machines, they are implemented as available budget financing, Bangkok their dozakupaet far as I know, we are talking about four cars. (In 2017 - ed)," - he said.

(RIA Novosti)

Pindad Lakukan Kerjama dengan Industri Pertahanan asal UAE, Rusia, Turki dan Finlandia.

21 Februari 2017

Caracal adalah produsen senjata di UAE (photo : Caracal)

Industri Pertahanan Indonesia dan Uni Emirat Arab Kerjasama Produksi Senjata dan Tankboat

 Abu Dhabi-Indonesia dan Uni Emirat Arab melakukan kerjasama di bidang industri pertahanan dalam hal kerjasama joint production untuk produk senjata dan Tankboat. Kerjasama tersebut dilakukan antara perusahaan industri strategis dalam negeri, PT Pindad dengan dua perusahaan industri pertahanan Uni Emirat Arab yakni Caracal dan Al Seer.

Kerjasama ditandai dengan penandatanganan MoU yang dilakukan bersamaan dengan acara pameran internasional pertahanan IDEX 2017, Minggu (19/2) di Abu Dhabi, Uni Emirat Arab. Penandatangan disaksikan oleh Menteri Pertahanan Ryamizard Ryacudu dan Delegasi Indonesia dari Kemhan RI pada IDEX 2017.

Untuk MoU Kerjasama joint production senjata ditandatangani antara PT Pindad dengan Caracal, sedangkan MoU kerjasama joint production Tankboat ditandatangani antara PT Pindad dengan Al Seer.

Rangkaian penandatangan MoU kerjasama oleh PT Pindad dengan industri pertahanan Uni Emirat Arab tersebut merupakan tindak lanjut dari penandatangan kerjasama yang dilakukan pada saat kunjungan Presiden RI ke Abu Dhabi pada tahun lalu. Hal ini sekaligus menandai suatu terobosan bagi pemasaran produk – produk buatan PT Pindad ke pasar Timur Tengah.

Kendaraan taktis 4x4 Tigr buatan VPK pernah ditampilkan pada Indodefence 2016 (photo : Defense Studies)

Kerjasama dengan industri pertahanan asal Rusia, Turki dan Finlandia.

Selain menjalin kerjasama joint production dengan perusahaan industri pertahanan Uni Emirat Arab, pada event pameran IDEX 2017 di Abu Dhabi tersebut PT Pindad juga menandatangani kerjasama joint production dengan perusahaan industri pertahanan asal Rusia, Turki dan Finlandia.

idex-2017penandatanganan-pindad-dng-industri-negara-sahabatKerjasama dengan Rusia, dilakukan oleh PT Pindad dengan VPK dalam hal produksi Kendaraan Taktis (Rantis) 4×4. Untuk kerjasama dengan perusahaan industri pertahanan Turki dilakukan PT Pindad dengan MKEK dalam hal produksi amunisi dan laras senjata.

Sementara itu kerjasama dengan Finlandia, dilakukan oleh PT Pindad dengan Savox dalam hal produksi bersama produk Alat Komunikasi (Alkom).


20 Februari 2017

Vietnam Could Extend the Life of Su-27, Su-30

20 Februari 2017

Overhaul activities in Factory 32 of PK-KQ (all photos : BaoDatViet)

To enhance combat effectiveness and prolong the operation time for the fighters, Factory A32 has done wonders with the fighter Su27/30.

According to PK-KQ (Air Force Academy), is an important link in the chain of aircraft repair Factory A32 (Department of Engineering), the workshop 6 in years there have been many efforts and overcome difficulties to master science, technically, complete assigned tasks.

"Workshop 6 where the total assembly, testing, flight testing for aircraft Su-27. In addition, the workshop also repairs locally, increase safety foam (explosion suppressant foam is used in fuel tanks where the possibility of fuel tank explosion exists) and repair cockpit lid of the Sukhoi aircraft, " Captain Engineer Dinh Van Hoan said.

Currently, the unit has many technical innovations such as check leaf diversion Su-27 engine; new generators manufactured hydraulic pressure; aircraft assembly, assembly kits engine, etc.

Workshop together with the units in the plant and increase the total overhaul of the use life and successful flight testing for aircraft Su-27 number 8526; increased shelf for 10 Su-27 aircraft respectively; repair enhance fuel system on the 4 Su-30 aircraft and overcoming the many failures of the other aircraft.

The prolongation of the duration of use and successfully upgraded fighters showing tremendous degree of Vietnam, but it is not a surprise because from 2016, defense website said Russian VPK , Vietnam will repair and upgrade the Su-27, Su-30 fighters at the new plant in Da Nang.

Accordingly, Vietnam is building capacity for maintenance, repair basic Su-27 fighters and Su-30, to escape from sending aircraft abroad.

To implement this program, Vietnam has recently launched a defense plant A32 in Da Nang. "The repair of domestic aircraft upgrades will significantly increase the operational readiness of fighters," the source said.

According VPK, as of this moment, Vietnam Air Force has equipped with enhanced series of Su-27 and Su-30MK2V sophisticated Russian-made.

Previously, the plant has sent tens A32 staff to overseas training. Currently, the plant has successfully self repair the defect of modern fighters. Each workshop repairing a technical segment with over 10,000 different components requires careful, precise, meticulous very strict.


Key Equipment for Australia's Future Submarine Programme to be Agreed by Early 2018

20 Februari 2017

Contracts for the five main sub-components of Australia's future submarines are expected to be placed by early 2018, according to the head of the project in the Royal Australian Navy. (photo : DCNS)

Suppliers for the five main sub-components for Australia's Future Submarine requirement are expected to be under contract by early 2018, programme head Rear Admiral Greg Sammut disclosed on 16 February.

Speaking at an industry day in Sydney, Rear Adm Sammut listed the top five items as being the main motor, diesel generators, DC switchboard, batteries, and weapon discharge system.

With construction in South Australia expected to start in 2023 with the aim of having the first of the 12 Future Submarines in service "in the early 2030s", work on the infrastructure necessary to ensure a fully qualified workforce was in place would begin in 2018, he said.

Meanwhile, concept design work and sensor selection studies were under way, detailed planning was proceeding on land-based build, test, and integration facilities, and an integrated master schedule was in development, Rear Adm Sammut.

Barracuda shortfin submarine (image : Navy Recognition)

The government announced in April 2016 that French shipbuilder DCNS, with its proposal for the Shortfin Barracuda 1A, a 4,700-tonne diesel-electric derivative of the company's 5,300-tonne Barracuda nuclear attack submarine, had defeated Japanese and German bids to replace the six-strong Collins-class fleet at an anticipated cost of AUD50 billion (USD37.5 billion).

A three-year AUD500 million design and mobilisation contract signed with DCNS in September 2016 covered early design work, moving into the preliminary design area towards the end of that period.

Rear Adm Sammut said that between 30 to 50 Australian personnel would be posted this year to the Future Submarine project office in Cherbourg, where the bulk of early design would be undertaken.

The combat system specification should be completed by the second half of 2018, at which time critical element design contracts for the combat system would be put out to tender, Rear Adm Sammut said.

Emphasising the importance of sovereign capability in both operations and life-of-type sustainment, Rear Adm Sammut said identification of the technology and training necessary to achieve this was already being pursued "as we go into a rhythm of what needs to delivered throughout design and construction".